My partner, let’s stay together!
Lit Ximen up by the most beautiful light display and the installations sponsored by the patrons.
Sec.1 Zhonghua Rd. has become a gorgeous galaxy.
Strolling along the road with your lover!

Feeling the Christmassy Taipei.





Meteor light strings sparkle in Sec.1 Zhonghua Rd. district.
Shipping container and installation art glittering in the night of Ximending.
Enjoy your time at XIMEN Play and Buy!




“Maplestory” AWAKE update released!

If you’re a fan of Maplestory, you’re in luck. A pop-up store opened by Maplestory is located in Taipei Ximending (intersection of Sec 1, Zhonghua Rd., and Sec. 2, Wuchang St.). You can found EXCLUSIVE Maplestory merchandise from apparel to accessory here. The pop-up store will only be there through March 7. Enjoy your time.





Pinball Mobile Game: “World Flipper” Launching Soon!

“World Flipper” is making its first appearance in Taipei Ximending (intersection of Sec 1, Zhonghua Rd., and Sec. 2, Wuchang St.) in celebration of the upcoming launch! It will appear with the design concept of “the pinball machine in the city” as a huge container starting from Jan 23rd. Welcome all players to come visit and be prepare for the upcoming adventure of “World Flipper!”







Two years later, new characters will be introduced in the 2021 winter update. This time's theme is "Noah," introducing a 15-year-old boy who has the power of the moon and shadow after encounter a significant change and how to embark on the road of revenge.




World of Dragon Nest

The internationally known graffiti artist Bounce, who was highly appraised by Marvel Comics’ producer Stan Lee, collaborates with World of Dragon Nest to give you the epic adventure where the Bounce Rabbit fights against Cerberus! Combined with installation art made of a combination of spray paint cans, we bring the game into Ximending and attract Instagram influencers’ attention to start a viral trend, revealing the fascinating new look of World of Dragon Nest.




Lineage M

Lineage M Castle of Aden, which appeared in a 4 meters medieval European style. In addition to the magnificent appearance, the internal structure contains middle age European armor and Roman columns. Furthermore, stained glass and the sword of the death knight are also equipped as ornamentations inside the castle.



Welcome to the Mandora Garden

Rayark's brand-new game "Mandora: Farm and Fight" now has a super-adorable Pop-Up in Ximending! Tired of the city's hustle and bustle? Come spend some time with these cute critters and heal your tired mind~ You can take a picture with Loppy, get a special gacha from our gigantic Mandora Gachapon, and even purchase exclusive Mandora merch. So stop by and warm up with Mandora this winter!