The chart-topping IP (Intellectual Property) character created by illustrator Byebyechuchu - Ology!
Every sticker, comic, edited merchandise makes one can’t stop loving.
Ology has become a super player this time!
Come over and hang out with Ology

at Ximen Street “Let’s Play”!


Venue: Ximen Metro Station Exit 6

Not allow to go abroad but can rise with Ology!
Next stop, let’s land at Ximen Play & Buy!
Constantly party with us! Fascinate all night.


*Ology’s Dream Come True at Ximen Metro Station Exit 6 knocks off work early since it has been through the extreme weather such as furious storm, fiery sunshine, and frozen frost. 
Thank all the chicken friends for your consideration.


Venue: Wonderful Theatre Plaza

Jingle bell! Ology transforms into Santa Clause at Ximen, holding the performance, gift exchange party, and opening fashion show.
Have a most remarkable Christmas ever!


Venue: The Red House Plaza (In front of Wenhua Precinct)

Play the music and groove to it!
Come over in a pumped mood!
No need to go too far for music festival!

Ximending is here for you!


Venue: Along Sec.1 Zhonghua Rd. (Wuchang St. to Emei St. Entrance) 

The key for non-stop playing! Get energy from food and beverage.
Still thinking about what do you want to eat? Ology leads the way to you.
Done the dinner and have fun all night!


Venue: Wuchang St. and Hanzhong St. Entrance

The first thing you need to do after arriving at the attraction.

Take a photo and check-in!
Ology show you how to pose and dress!


Venue: Public Open Space at No. 77, Sec.2, Wuchang St.

Lying or sitting on the ground. Spend time with Ology for morning screening or midnight screening.
Have the popcorn go with the movie!


Venue: In Front of No. 45, Hanzhong St.

Not only congratulations can we say as the first word. 
Tell Ology whatever you want to say.
Leave a mark at Ximen Ema Board and service counter.


Venue: Emei St. and Hanzhong St. Entrance


Ology tells you a secret: Ximen Play & Buy consists of selected stores, discounts, and stamp collecting for the lucky draw.

All the special discount is here.