《Universal Star BT21 World Tour》land in Ximen!
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《Universal Star BT21 World Tour》Start!

BT21 with their family & friends scarcely appear on screen is now debut in Ximen District! BT21 brings city scenery to Ximen District! Share you how to find the joy in the journey and promote their dream of spreading love across the galaxy! Follow UNIVERSTAR BT21’s footsteps, and enjoy the eye-opening journey to《XIMEN PLAY and BUY》 with your camera and friends!






The modern city combines with tradition and contemporary.

The main feature of Seoul is the coexistence of traditional and modern architecture.

You can have experience about the authentic Korean culture and also enjoy the most popular entertainment.
Seoul is the best city where you can buy, shop, play, and eat when having a trip in Korea. 
When you were during the journey in Seoul, there was full of fun and love!






Ancient civilization around the Nile Delta settled for the millennium.

Cairo, which is the beginning of the Nile Delta, is the origin of the Egyptian civilization. Pyramid and Sphinx surrounded with mystique as if the masterpiece of nature, is the World Heritage and tourist resort. Everyone is charm by the mysterious force to here! Let’s explore the shining pearl of Nile – Cairo.






Spectacular wonderland of hot air balloons.

Extraordinary volcanic landform causes Cappadocia to resemble the alien world; consequently, it’s known as the place least like the Earth. How interesting it is! Besides, Cappadocia is renowned for hot air balloons! Colorful hot air balloons rise into the sky make people felt exhilarated! Let’s enjoy a good time here!






Romantic island mingles with blue and white in the Aegean Sea.

The most alluring sunset is in Santorini. Brimmed with romance, Santorini locates at Azure sea and Mediterranean architecture, mingling with blue and white. The best place for a honeymoon. Let’s go to the world of blue and white!






Eternal City surrounded by empire historic sites.

The origin of ancient roman culture – Rome has been called Eternal City due to archaic buildings and historic sites. Colosseum and Pantheon is the famous relic of Rome. Come to experience the spirit of the Roman Empire. We can’t wait to share the good spot with you!







The picturesque city of water at a slow pace.

Gorgeous architecture, precious artworks, and the romantic canal is the scene that you can’t miss. The most suitable way for travel in slow-pace Amsterdam is strolling in town or take a boat through the greenery city of water. Furthermore, there’s a dreamlike windmill village in a suburb of Amsterdam. Let’s feel the breeze here, watch the windmill turning. Come to enjoy the view.





New York


The big apple is a blend of freedom and dream.

The big apple which everyone wants to take a bite – New York is a city of multiculturalism that all the people can pursue their dream. Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park, all are landmarks of New York. Filter through the street in New York, all the streets and alleys are popular tourist attractions.