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All the Event Info

“We’re on Fleek”


Fashion Show

12/18.  Intro Opening Press Conference

12/18.  Posing Show Catwalk Fashion Show





Music Concert

12/20.  EP1. Grooving to the Music
02/27.  EP2. Flow into Hip-Hop





All the Way at Ximen

12/19.  Santa Comes Concert

12/19.  Gift Party with Ology and Chicken Friends

12/25.  Christmas Caroling



Music Up


Idols Fan Meeting

01/02.  Easy Come, Easy Go  Accusefive

01/16.  Miu Chu

01/23.  Versatile Goddes  FLO
01/23.  Naughty Beauty  PER6IX
01/23.  New Generation Female Singers Show Misi Ke, Nasi



2021 MTV X K-Pop


Dance Competition at Ximending

02/28.  2021 MTV x K-POP Preliminary
03/07.  2021 MTV x K-POP The Finals



Street Player


"Tune in for Life" Guitar Playing!

12/26.  VOLUME MAX!Tune in for Life x 宅吉Band

01/03.  VOLUME MAX!Tune in for Life x 蔡慕珍

02/21.  VOLUME MAX!Tune in for Life x 蔡昌益



Street Player


Let’s Have Fun! Interactive performance for Kids

12/27.  Clown Juggling x Amiryan Vardan

01/30.  Interactive Juggling x 許念慈

02/20.  Interactive Stunt x 黃新宸

03/06.  Interactive Juggling x 許念慈



Street Player


Dance at Ximen Plaza! Show your superb dancing

01/10.  Extreme Dance x 李庭富

02/06.  Dance x 李政衛

02/07.  Stunt Dance x Street Bboy



Street Player


Magical Valentine’s Day! Interactive street magic

02/13.  Clown Magic/Balloon Show/ Living Statue x 黃文維

02/14.  Magic Dance x 王楚瀟



Street Player


Street Art-Living Statue

01/17.  Clown Magic/Balloon Show/ Living Statue x 黃文維




Street Player


Flip over Ximen! Marvel at yoyo

01/24.  Yo-Yo Trick x 楊元慶

01/31.  Yo-Yo Diabolo x 林興昱



Now Ximen


Ximending Countdown Party

7:00 PM (UTC+08) – 1:00 AM (UTC+08)
Venue: Sec. 2, Wuchang St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


“Now Ximen” is an event held by IMDJ, the famous educational DJ brand in Taipei city, and Ximending Tourism Development Association and Taipei Youth Art Center for ten years. They finally received the government subsidy this year that all the performers can be radiant under the spotlight.
Not only busker, DJ, and dancer perform for the show, but other personals who assiduous in the art are in Now Ximen this time.
# Ximending Countdown Party
# Please do not drink if you are a minor